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A Real Estate Virtual Assistants Benefits for Your Company



It's never been a better time to consider employing a top-notch virtual assistant for real estate companies.


Agents with a high production rate can anticipate being very occupied at all times. Every year, after 30 transactions, the system begins to fail, and things get pretty frightening. A superior real estate virtual assistant is in more demand than ever. Employing a real estate virtual assistant might also help you do more in less time. Where to begin, though, is a difficult question to answer. Where are virtual assistants for real estate companies? In other words, investing time, effort, and money will be worthwhile. Our crew is capable of resolving these and other issues! 


After reading this article, you'll be able to narrow down your hunt for a new success buddy.


What is a real estate virtual assistant? (Or why you need one)

Everybody desires growth in business and life. A real estate virtual assistant may assist you in a variety of ways. A virtual assistant (VA) is a firm administrator who acts as your right hand in real estate. A real estate virtual assistant may assist with in-person or remote business assistance. A skilled virtual assistant can also aid with lead creation, database management, finance, and marketing. By delegating duties and establishing procedures and protocols, you can recapture your time. 

Furthermore, guess what? You reclaim that time for the remainder of your career since you've established a repeatable procedure that others can handle! If you're concerned or stuck, abandon the notion that ‘doing it yourself is more accessible or less expensive. 

Consider the following - Mornings and afternoons spent scheduling meetings, completing paperwork, or updating listings may be better used! It enables you to focus only on the tasks that create revenue for your real estate company. 

The reality is that top agents rely on virtual assistants to achieve seven- and eight-figure status. However, you must do it properly. It's critical to have a strategy in place before employing your first virtual assistant. It's not simple to find an excellent real estate VA who is a stickler for detail.


The duties of a virtual assistant for real estate.

Indeed, most agents contemplating hiring a virtual assistant are inclined to delegate everything (from lead nurturing to content creation and transaction coordination). It is critical to define your responsibilities and objectives. Make sure to build a thorough ISA task list to assist with lead response. Another quality that a rockstar TC must possess is customer satisfaction. 


A real estate virtual assistant job description should cover the top 3-5 tasks of each critical function, allowing you to focus on bringing in more deals.


A professional virtual assistant for real estate company  may aid you in growing your real estate firm in the following ways:


  • Marketing

You understand the importance of marketing, but it takes time. You may devote more time to tasks that only you can do since a virtual assistant can handle a large portion of your marketing obligations (and even some heavy lifting). A virtual assistant may aid with marketing tasks such as the following:


  • Create buyer's packages and PowerPoint presentations.

  • Distribute mailers to your regions of influence

  • Graphic design for digital and print

  • Create blog entries in advance (or write them)

  • Content research ideas

  • Re-evaluate your website

  • Plan Email updates on SEO

  • Utilize social media to advertise and sell your business

  • Analyze marketing information


  • Operations

It may be helpful to hire a virtual assistant with real estate knowledge to assist with day-to-day operations. For instance, a real estate VA may help with the following:


  • Data entry (MLS, CRM, reporting, etc.)

  • coordinating, presenting, and reporting

  • Customer and employee comments received

  • Accounting fundamentals: I&E and P&L tracking

  • Create reports on sales and performance.

  • Manage contracts and other documents

  • Schedule viewings and services (photographers, inspections, etc.)

  • Recruitment and orientation of new agents


  • Sales

You'd be surprised at how many sales tasks a virtual assistant can aid you with; thus, do not undervalue their talents. Although some responsibilities need a higher level of English proficiency, a VA may do tasks such as the following:


  • Identify prospective buyers and sellers.

  • Add notes to leads in your CRM.

  • Prospecting and cold calling

  • Conduct follow-up

  • Make preparations.

  • Remind vendors of their weekly results


  • Administration

Additionally, chores such as filing and answering phones are delegated to a secretary or personal assistant. For jobs like as:


  • Inboxes are prioritized, and emails are responded to.

  • Convene meetings.

  • Responsibilities of the receptionist (like answering incoming calls)

  • Maintain meeting minutes.

  • Calendar administration

  • Personal administrator (holiday cards, organizing family events, etc.)


Employing the best practices when employing a virtual assistant in real estate.

Preparation is critical for establishing clear expectations from the start when screening VAs. From there, you can simply check deliverables and guarantee that your virtual assistant correctly completes each job. Are you uncertain about how your virtual assistant spends their time? Numerous real estate virtual assistant outsourcing options include tracking software. 


To begin, establish your business system and procedures. Then, analyze your existing condition to identify essential bottlenecks. In a job description, define success in this capacity. Both sides should execute an independent contractor agreement when hiring a VA directly rather than via an external organization.


A contract should be signed to guarantee that the contractor knows what they should be doing. A non-disclosure agreement may also be beneficial in ensuring that your freelancer does not disclose secrets or steal data from you (NDA).


Calculate the expense ratio of employing a virtual assistant.

Prices for virtual assistant services might vary widely based on the services offered. Depending on who, what, and where you are looking, you may pay $five an hour or five figures a year. Be sure to weigh the cost with the potential return on your investment while making this purchase. 


Some points to ponder are as follows:


  • International Vs. Domestic Real Estate Virtual Assistants


Hiring multinational personnel carries the risk of expensive misunderstandings. Never underestimate the genius that may be discovered in unexpected places. Not only is outsourcing less expensive, but there are skilled virtual assistants available worldwide who are willing to operate across time zones. Additionally, when you hire foreign labor, you are not limited to locals - the world is your oyster. Local talent, too, has a place. Particularly in real estate, for instance, if you need to outsource a significant amount of client-facing work, employing someone based in the United States, or even locally, may be advantageous. This is advantageous if you need ongoing client assistance or desire to meet in person. If you need help with fieldwork, open houses, or other activities, please contact us.


  • Expertise


Numerous VA service providers excel at matching you with a VA with the appropriate educational background and skills to meet your needs. However, extraordinary real estate experts come at a cost. If this is your first experience outsourcing, we recommend starting with a generalist virtual assistant who has shown an ability to communicate effectively and is comfortable with the outcomes and expectations you've established. Some brokers recommend beginning with a project-based agreement and then transitioning to a fixed-hours-per-month arrangement once pleased. If, on the other hand, this is not your first rodeo and you have the financial means to support it, it's advisable to engage an expert who can relieve you of some of the most time-consuming tasks and help you progress even quicker. Numerous seasoned virtual assistants possess information and concepts that might assist your business in generating new revenue sources.


  • Scope of Work


The final truth is that while outsourcing, results are crucial. Before outsourcing, you must determine what you will outsource. Consider where you genuinely need assistance and the amount of labor required to keep your VA engaged. Monitor your time for a few weeks to a month to properly understand how your time is spent each day. Keep a careful eye on your most productive hours of the day. Which occupations or diversions entice you during those hours? Small tasks that do not produce revenue but consume a whole morning are significant for a virtual assistant (who, by the way, can probably do them better and faster than you ever could anyway).


  • Virtual Assistant On A Part-Time, Project-Based, Or In-House Basis


When beginning, a contractor or project-based virtual assistant is best. Utilizing a virtual assistant for a one-time task (such as getting through January without jeopardizing your personal life) enables you to not only gain some flexibility in your workday but also to determine how much work you genuinely need to outsource and whether or not you want to sign a long-term contract with the virtual assistant. If you are unable to function without the VA, try periodic part-time assistance before recruiting full-time employees. The last thing you want to do is waste time or money on chores for your virtual assistant.



Employing a virtual assistant is contingent upon the stage of your business. Many new agents have identified remarkable potential via the assistance of a virtual assistant for real estate. Utilize the services of our virtual assistant who can seamlessly integrate into your organization's culture and process. Remember to find a real estate VA that knows your company. You must first determine what you need and organize your affairs.

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