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Using A Virtual Assistant To Set Reservations At Scale 



When working on growing a business and making connections with clients, you will find that yourself making many different types of reservations for a wide variety of reasons. When you are traveling or meeting with a group of people for business related reasons, making reservations at hotels or restaurantes is very common. This can be a pain and a time sink however, as the process of making these reservations can take up a lot of your time and concentration. With the help of Byron, we can assist you in this process by making these reservations for you on the fly without you needing to worry about doing it yourself. We can handle all aspects of the process for you and forward you all the relevant information you need when the job is done. We will be covering what you will need to do in order to get started.


Gather Relevant Information

When you are having Byron make one or multiple reservations for you, you will need to gather together some basic information in order to guarantee the best results. Having the name of the organisation, your name, phone number, and any other information relevant to the reservation will most likely be needed when your assistant attempts to make a reservation for you, so be sure to have all of this information prepared beforehand in order to save time during the process. You will get the best results when you are through, so please be sure to gather all of this information and have it ready when you make your request.


Send Request

Once you have gathered all the relevant information, you can then send off a short-term request so that one of our assistants can begin the process of making this reservation for you. Please be sure to include the proper instructions when sending off this request, such as a phone number for them to call, the name of the organisation, and any other information they may need in order to do so. If the reservation requires a down payment that you are aware of, please be sure to specify this in your instructions. You will need to fill out an authorization form so that we can make the payment on your behalf. Our assistant will provide you with this form if it is necessary, you will only need to do this once if it is your first time having Byron authorize a purchase on your behalf.


Confirming Reservations

Once your assistant confirms that the reservation is set, please be sure that your assistant passes along all relevant information that was obtained during the reservation. Our assistants will do this automatically when they confirm that your reservation is set, but please be sure to double check and make sure everything is in order before concluding with the request.


Getting Started With Byron

Having Byron make reservations for you on the fly is a great way to save a massive amount of time over the long term. Reservations take time to make and can sometimes require you to allocate the time to do so. With the help of one of our virtual assistants, we can make this process as easy as sending an email. We can handle any specific type of requests you may have when making reservations, so do not hesitate to reach out to us about what your specific needs are.

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