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Utilizing a Virtual Assistant for Social Media Auditing



Using social media as a platform for marketing your business is a great way to spread awareness about your company as well as products and services that you offer. Millions of people actively use services such as Twitter and Facebook everyday so it is critical for your marketing strategy that your posts and accounts are reaching the maximum amount of people possible, so checking in routinely to make sure everything is up to date and that your posts are having their intended effect is important. With the help of Byron, we can perform a basic audit on all your companies social media accounts and make sure that they are up to the standards that you have set for them. We will check to make sure that your account’s information is current and up to date and check your posting history to see how well they have been received at the time of posting. There are a few things you will need to gather together before sending off your request, so we will be going over what you will need to do in order to have a Byron assistant perform a social media audit for you.


Setting Goal

Before gathering together all the resources necessary for your request, it is important to establish an overall goal for why you are performing this audit. Establish a goal for this audit will help you and your assistant throughout the process as it will help give a direction throughout the entire process. A goal can be as simple as increasing the amount of interactions your accounts have or being more active than you have been, but as long as you set a goal for the process it will help the process go along much more smoothly.


List All Profiles

In your request, you will need to list all the accounts and profiles that you would like to be analyzed during this audit. You can either simply list them in your request or if there are many accounts you need analyzed, you can create a word doc file with all the URL’s and attach it to your request as well. As well as the name of the accounts, providing the login credentials is also highly recommended as this allows for further insight to be gained by looking at your profile. Many sites offer a type of in house analytic system that tracks views and comments, so you will get the best results if you provide access to these tools in your request.

If you choose to share the login credentials of your social media accounts with your assistant, we strongly urge you to do so by utilizing a password sharing service such as Dashlane in order to ensure a layer of security. Whenever you are sharing sensitive information online, it is always better to be safe since you wouldn’t want this information to be compromised, so we highly encourage you to set up an account with a service that offers this type of sharing feature.


Criteria for Audit

In an audit, there are a wide variety of different criterias you can focus on about your social media accounts in order to narrow down what areas you could improve about your marketing strategy. Tracking analytics such as


  • Referral traffic originating from social media

  • Follower/Friend increases/decreases each month

  • Likes/retweet averages on posts

  • Average posting rate


Are all great examples of areas in which you may want to focus on the most when your assistant performs your aduit. Some information may be way more valuable to you than other sets of data, so depending on what you hope to achieve with your marketing strategy it will be beneficial for you to narrow down what areas you want analysed and what areas can be ignored in the audit. This will help speed up the process greatly so that your assistant doesn’t waste time gathering information that isn’t relevant or helpful for your overall end goal.


Final Report Format

In your initial request, you will also want to specify how you would like this information presented back to you when the audit is completed. Our assistants can handle recording and delivering back your audit information in any way that works best for you, but you will want to specify up front how you would like this information given back to you.


Getting Started With Byron

Social media audits are a great way to routinely check up on your social media accounts and see how well they are performing. The process of going through an entire profiles posting history and checking on their performance can be a long and challenge task, but with the assistance of Byron we can make this project as easy and simple as possible for you. We can perform audits on any number of accounts on any type of social media platform out there, so don’t hesitate to reach out to us about what your specific needs are and how we can help.

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