Earn money in your spare time.

Are you a virtual assistant looking for extra work? Byron is a virtual assistant platform that connects virtual assistants with companies and clients.

Work from home.

Only handle requests that you like

Work when you want

We don't ask you to commit to a certain number of hours. We have assistants work 1 hour/mo all the way up to 160 hours/mo at all hours of the day!

Select your own projects

Don't like data entry or scheduling meetings? No problem, you can select which types of projects you see and can work on. We only want you working on projects that you want to do. You can work on short-term and/or long-term requests.

Get paid quickly

Byron pays every two weeks via PayPal. Our platform automatically logs your time and projects so you don't have to worry about keeping track of how much you're making.

How Byron works

1. Apply

Provide your email to start the application process. Later we'll ask you for things like your resume, references and proof of residency within the United States.

2. Interview

We interview every single one of our assistants over the phone. This gives us the chance to learn more about your experience and what makes you perfect for the job.

3. Training & Assistant Test

Learn how to pick up projects, handle client communication, and complete common client scenarios. After training we will have you take a quick test to confirm what you learned

4. Start Picking Up Requests

After you pass the assistant test you will instantly be able to start working. 


Eliminate your busy work


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