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Virtual Assistants Made Easy Byron eBooks

Interaction Between Clients and VA

Virtual Assistants Made Easy

Over the years the Byron team has seen thousands of interactions between clients and virtual assistants. We've taken our learnings and bundled them into a book.

Short-Term Projects

Have an on demand assistant handle a project within minutes. Designed for fast one time projects.


Long-Term Placement

Get a dedicated assistant for your on-going needs. Have your assistant learn your preferences and become a part of your everyday workflow.


Structured Tasks

Automate company processes by sending structured tasks to one or more of our API products. Trigger assistant actions through Zapier and receive structured human data back.


Branded Scheduling Assistant

Have "Byron Murray" schedule meetings for you. Sync your calendar to our platform and then loop into an email thread and our human team of assistants will take care of the rest.

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