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People powered assistants scheduling your meetings.

Create and have Byron schedule all of your meetings. Save your preferences and rules within our platform. Byron is powered by real human assistants so your meeting guest will always get a human touch.

Scheduling Assistant

Short-Term Projects

Have an on demand assistant handle a project within minutes. Designed for fast one time projects.


Long-Term Placement

Get a dedicated assistant for your on-going needs. Have your assistant learn your preferences and become a part of your everyday workflow.


Structured Tasks

Automate company processes by sending structured tasks to one or more of our API products. Trigger assistant actions through Zapier and receive structured human data back.


Branded Scheduling Assistant

Have "Byron Murray" schedule meetings for you. Sync your calendar to our platform and then loop into an email thread and our human team of assistants will take care of the rest.

Byron logo

Integrate Byron into your calendar




When you create all the emails that are sent appear to by from a "Byron Murray" that works at your company. None of our branding will appear. Our platform has a direct SMTP/IMAP and Google Calendar integration so that all emails and calendar invite are secure and perfectly synced to our platform. Through our integration Byron can send, edit and clear calendar invitations so you don't have to.

Spends scheduling meetings

By the numbers

How much an average person spends scheduling meetings per month.


Emails sent per meeting


Minutes to write each email


Meetings per month


Hours spent per month scheduling

How we vet our human scheduling assistants

Each assistant must have at least three (3) years of experience as an assistant

The assistant must live in the United States

Assistant references must provide glowing reviews for the assistant's scheduling capabilities 

Must pass a video interview with a member of our recruitment team

Know what meetings are scheduled and in progress through our dashboard

On demand scheduling

Once Byron is looped into an email thread "Byron Murray" will reply to the thread ASAP.

Follow ups with your guest

Follow ups

Byron will follow up with your guest two more times after the inital email if we don't hear back. 

Easily control your spend

Within our platform we track how many meetings you asked Byron to schedule. All meetings scheduled are marked at 15 minutes. If a meeting needs to be rescheduled we add an extra 5 minutes.

Ready to have an assistant?

Create an account, or schedule a demo.

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