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Structured Tasks is a new way to eliminate busy work and make your team more productive. Trigger actions within your tools and automatically add tasks for our team of assistants to handle. Through our integrations get structured work products to automatically sync to your tools.


How it works

Structured Tasks are designed to automate human tasks at scale. Within the Byron platform you set up a process then connect outside integrations and/or upload a CSV and our team of assistants get to work. Trigger a task and then receive uniform structured answers/data back.

Structured Task Types

Gather API

Automate research and pulling information from across the web

Categorization API

Have an assistant select option(s) based on your instructions

Writing API

Creating content and text strings at scale

Outbound Phone Call API

Making repetitive outbound phone calls

Image Transcription API

Get annotated text from an image

Automatically trigger new tasks from 1300+ tools

How companies are using Structured Tasks

Get Structured Data From Business Card Images

Get A Summary On Anything

Summarize eCommerce Product Descriptions

Automatically Get Customer Feedback Through Our Phone API

Get work done as low as $0.36/task

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Eliminate your busy work


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