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A bride walking down the altar in a cloud white dress, a reception that plays the right music at the right time with food and drinks that guests will rave about. Weddings can be one of the most glorious ceremonies. However, planning a wedding can be one of the most exciting experiences but also the most stressful. Finding food vendors, florists, decorators or even picking a location that can accommodate your guest list can be overwhelming and tedious.


You might end up asking yourself the question, ‘do I need assistance with wedding planning?’ The answer is yes! Usually, couples who decide on getting a planner are couples who don’t have the time to plan their own wedding. Or couples who really don’t know what they want or where to start with planning such a big event. Many believe that hiring a virtual organizer for your wedding is expensive.


The truth is, they can actually help you save more money considering they are able to build relationships with trusted vendors and might get you great discounts. You will not have to worry about service providers showing up on time. By having someone to coordinate your wedding, you can focus on what’s important. A Byron virtual wedding planner can do just that. Let’s take a look at how to plan a wedding with Byron.


Hiring a virtual wedding planner will help you to stress less and save you more money. They will be an advantage for communicating with vendors, budgeting and scheduling. The best part is that you are not bound to the location so you can hire the best assistant to help you coordinate your wedding from anywhere in the world.


Request a Short-Term Project

Planning a wedding takes time. A budget and a wedding day need to be set. This way, you can also participate in what you enjoy most like finding a few resources of bridal inspiration you like best from Instagram or Pinterest and selecting a theme. With having to find photographers, a venue, catering, decorations vendor, a florist, make-up artists, wedding officiant, bridesmaid dresses, and groomsmen suits. With all these factors that come into play for the final wedding day, Byron virtual wedding planners can find the most reliable suppliers that fit well into your budget and are available for these dates.


You submit a short-term request with the details that are necessary. Sending short-term projects can tell the virtual assistant what you need them to get done. Once you make a request that communicates the date, budget, and other necessary logistics, a Byron assistant gets back to you within 20 minutes. The Byron assistant gets the request done on time.


The Byron virtual wedding planner can research the vendors from most affordable to the most convenient, especially considering the budget. The Byron virtual wedding planner can read and review the contract with vendors in detail, as well as highlight any red flags. All so that you do not have to.


Our Process Of Delivering Back Research

Once the Byron virtual assistance has accumulated the research. Byron is able to help with organizing research and purchases by putting together a document to your communicated needs with all the information that is relevant, the costs, and the receipts. It’s paramount to keep track of all the efforts that go into planning a wedding and make sure it can be accessed easily by all people that are relevant and part of the planning. It is recommended to create and share a spreadsheet or word processing document with every short-term project you send out with detailed instructions on how to update it for organizational purposes.


This way, the information also never gets lost. Here is an example of how some information research is delivered, our assistants at Byron will deliver back information about food and cake tasting, as well as venue seeing in the following formats:

For food and cake tasting, they will organize all relevant information as follows:

  • Shop name:

  • Address:

  • Appointment time:

  • Contact details:

  • Price:

For venue seeing, they will organize all relevant information as follows:

  • Venue name:

  • Address:

  • Appointment time:

  • Contact details:

  • Price:


Getting Started With Byron

How to get started...


Create a Byron account


Create a short-term placement project


Your dedicated long-term assistant is placed to you in hours


Get on a kickoff call and your assistant gets to work

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