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Any great marketing strategy should be utilizing social media to its fullest potential. Billions of people access these services on a normal basis, so it is a great way to share information and news about your company while also building up your brand in an organic way. A large downside to incorporating social media into your marketing strategy is generating the descriptions and posts to go along with the content you are sharing on these sites, as they can take up a lot of time to generate. With the help of Byron Structured tasks, we can automate the process of creating these descriptions to go along with your social media posts in a way that scales with the demands of your business. Using the power of real assistants, you can push to us a piece of content you need to share on your social media accounts and we can push back a well written description based upon that information. By following these simple steps, you can create a set of instructions for our assistants to follow when creating these descriptions and have the results pushed anywhere you need it to go using our Zapier integration. Here is how you can get started incorporating Byron into your workflow.

What Are Structured Tasks?

With Byron’s structured task feature, you can automate almost any type of busy work that requires a human. The feature is designed so that you build out an automated process once then can trigger Byron to do the work at any point in time. Watch the video on how it works.


Step 1: Setup Assistant Instructions


Please go to the url below and write a 140 character summary of the article.



Please go to the url below and write a 140 character summary of the article.


Step 2: Setup Response Fields You Want Back From Byron

Add fields and description on how you want your task completed. Below is an example of how you would set up the fields and instructions.



Write the 140 character summary here.

Step 3: Add Data/Tasks

There are two ways that you can send new data/tasks to your Structured Project. You can either upload a CSV file of your variables that you set in Step 1, or you can fire off tasks via Zapier. Below are some popular Zapier integrations that align with this blueprint example.

When you add a new link to Evernote, have Byron write 140 character summary and automatically post to Twitter

New mention on Twitter, have Byron write a nice reply/thank you.

Through Zapier, you can hook up over 1000+ integrations. Need help with setting things up? Chat with our specialist team to help you set up a custom integration.

Output From Byron

If you follow the template above Byron would provide a sample output like:

Just read Ben's article on how to succeed as an entrepreneur. Great advice, he was not afraid to discuss the risks. Definitely recommend!

Getting Started With Byron

How to get started...


Create a Byron account


Create a Structured Project with the instructions and snippets above


Send data to Byron via Zapier of by uploading a CSV of data


Integrate Byron's responses to over 1000 tools via Zapier


Eliminate your busy work


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