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Utilizing a Virtual Assistant for Basic Hiring Background Checks 



When you are bringing new hires into your business, it is important to check and make sure their credentials check out. No one likes to be surprised by false information, so doing basic background checks on new employees to make sure they are fit for the role they were hired for is very important. Byron can assist you with this process by doing a basic background check on a new employee that you want to ensure is qualified for what you are bringing them on to do. We will be covering the steps that you will need to take to have one of our assistants help you out with this task.


Identify Purpose of Background Check

Before you gather together all the information needed for your request, you will want to set a goal for having your assistant perform this background check. For example, maybe you would like to confirm that they worked previously at a business they listed on their resume or that they are indeed certified for something they claimed to be on their resume. It will help the process out for everyone involved when you have a direct goal for this request that you want answered, or information gathered on this goal to build up the bigger picture. This goal doesn’t have to be anything grand, but giving direction for your assistant to follow when gathering information will help them get the results that you are looking for.


Providing Information

Once you set a goal and purpose for this background check, you will need to provide the name and any other general information that you have in your request. It can be just a name or resume that you provide, but you need to give some general information for your assistant to work with in order for them to start looking into this individual. The more information that you can provide, the better as it will lead towards your assistant spending less time tracking down this information if it’s needed. Please do not provide any sensitive information about this individual such as a social security number or other information of this variety, as we will only do a surface level check on the background of this purpose.


Checking Previous Employment

When your assistant is doing a basic background check, the most basic place for them to start will be to check in on their previous employment history to see if it checks out. If they do not have any past employment history than that is fine, but if the individual you wish to have a basic background check performed on has any type of employment listed on their resume, please be sure to provide this as it will help the process out for both parties greatly. If you can get a hold of the name of the business and a phone number if listed will help create the best results going forward.



Another key piece of information you will want to provide is any references they gave to you when applying for this job. This is a very basic way to check the credentials and character of the person you would like to know more about, so providing this information will be extremely beneficial for all those involved. Things such as names, phone numbers, or email addresses will be helpful when going forward so that your assistant can more easily reach those to gain more information.


Getting Started With Byron

Performing basic background checks on new hires is a necessary but time consuming when bringing on anybody new into your business. With the assistance of Byron, we can streamline this process so it’s as easy as just passing along their information. We can confirm their previous job history and credentials so that you have the confidence with your decision. If there is any false information, we can alert you so that you are aware of any misinformation they have provided to you. We can assist with any type of specific requests you may have when it comes to performing a basic background check, so do not hesitate to reach out to us about your specific needs.

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