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How to Monitor & Reply To Cold Emails with Virtual Assistants



Emails are the lifeblood of the business world. Everyday we are sending and receiving tens of hundreds of them and they are a critical form of communication among us all. That is why using this resource as a tool of outreach for your company can connect you with a countless amount of potential clients that you otherwise might not have had the possibility of connecting with. Sending cold emails to businesses is a great method of outreach that all professionals large or small should be doing, but a downside to utilizing this strategy is the time that needs to be spent monitoring and checking inboxes for positive responses to your campaigns. That is where Byron comes in, with our team of virtual assistants we can handle the process of sorting and vetting through responses so the only thing you need to worry about is handling the inquiries from new potential clients. Here are a few steps you will need to take in order to get this set up for your business.


Email Lists

First and foremost; before you can get started with sending out cold emails, you will need to get a hold of a list of email addresses of people and businesses that are relevant for your business. There are an endless amount of methods that you can take in order to get a hold of large amounts of valid email addresses of professionals in any field you need, but how you choose to build this database is up to you. The most important thing however is making sure that you have a list of email addresses that could contain potential clients that may be able to utilize your services/product.


Setting Up Inboxes

When sending out cold emails to thousands of people, you will want a clean slate to start out with and not flood your own personal inbox with a slew of emails. It’s important to create new addresses for these emails to be sent and received from in order to keep track of responses. You will also want to make sure that these addresses are coming from the domain of the business these cold emails are reaching out about to keep them from looking like just ordinary spam messages. Keeping up the facade that these emails are being sent out by real people representing your business is critical for success, so making sure they look professional is very important.


Preparing Your Emails

When sending out cold emails, you have to make sure the message you are sending out to thousands of people is perfect in order to guarantee the best results. You only have one opportunity to make a first impression, so think of the message you are using as an elevator pitch you are making to thousands of people individually. Keep in mind that the people receiving these emails will most likely not know what your business is or what you are trying to sell them, so make it clear up front about your intentions, what you are selling them, and how they can get in touch if they want to follow up.


Preparing Instructions

Once you have everything up and running and emails are being sent out, you want to make sure that your virtual assistant monitoring these inboxes knows what to do when responses start coming in. You can get a general idea about the type of responses that you can expect depending on what you are sending out in mass, so it’s important to put together an information document to hand off to your assistant to let them know how to proceed when certain messages come through. If a positive reply were to come in or someone who received an email wants to get more information, you want to make sure that the assistant monitoring these inboxes know who to forward this information too. Drafting up template emails for assistants to use for responses is a good example of a way to handle incoming mail and further streamline the process of reaching out to a large amount of potential clients.


Setting A Timetable

Professional email etiquette dictates that you should respond to an email within 24 hours of receiving it at max. Obviously if you can respond at a quicker rate it is better for all parties, and that’s where the benefit of having a virtual assistant handle incoming mail comes into play. At Byron, we can accommodate whatever type of timetable you need in order to maximize outreach to potential clients that are reaching out to these addresses. Depending on the amount of cold emails you are sending out, you may either want your assistant to be monitoring it at every hour of every business day or only check it once a day if you are not expecting a large flood of responses to come in. It’s important to dictate a timeframe that you would like your assistant to be checking these inboxes.


Getting Started With Byron

Cold emails are a great way to reach out to new clients and new markets with whatever type of product you are trying to sell. With the assistance of Byron, this process can be a very efficient and lucrative manner of building your business without spending a massive amount of money on marketing and other manners of finding potential clients. When you take the proper steps of preparing and handling a cold email campaign, success is soon to follow.

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