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Taking notes is critical for retaining and documenting all that goes on in situations where you need to remember at a later date what happened. We do not always have a computer at the ready to take notes using a word processor for easy availability and sharing, so pen and paper is still a widely used strategy for taking notes in a wide variety of situations. Getting these notes into a format that you can easily send out however, can be a pain as you need to rewrite everything that you previously written and make out any quickly written words that may not be as easy to read going back. With the assistance of Byron, we can take photocopies of your handwritten notes and transcribe them into word documents that you can easily share


Preparing Instructions

Before you send off your request, you will need to prepare some basic instructions on how exactly you would like your notes to be transcribed. You may have written your notes in a specific format or way that helps you to keep your thoughts organized, so specifying up front if you would like these notes to just be converted straight into paragraphs or broken up into bullet points or arranged in a specific order on the page.


Also an extra step you can take to help speed the process along is to provide a scan of a handwritten page of the alphabet in your own handwriting to pass along to your assistant. It sounds like an unnecessary step, but this will help your assistant decipher some of the more difficult to read words if your notes were quickly written. Providing this is not necessary but if it’s possible, it will go a long way.


Providing Resources

With your instructions, you will obviously also want to provide the notes that you would like to be transcribed in your request. They can be in any format, as long as your assistant can see the words so that they can write them down. If there are multiple files you will need to send over to your assistant for transcription, please be sure to compress them into a .zip file so that they can easily be passed along.


Getting Started With Byron

Having your handwritten notes transcribed into a word document is the best way to preserve your notes so that they do not get lost in the mix. They also allow you to save and share these notes an unlimited amount of times. Having a Byron assistant transcribe your notes is a fast and easy way for you to preserve these notes without the need for you to rewrite the words that you have already written previously. We can assist with any type of transcription project that your business needs so do not hesitate to reach out to us about what your specific needs are.

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