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Using Byron For Creating Summary Reports



In the business word, reading and creating long and extensive reports is a necessary part of documenting and compiling all the data that you take in on a normal basis. A problem that occurs when having this large and extensive reports is that it takes time to sit down and read through them when the time comes. It can be a major time sink when you need to know what is contained with a report but you have other matters that need your attention. With the help of Byron, we can take these long reports and condense them down for you in the form of a summary so that you can more quickly and easily ingest this information without having to allocate the time to read the entire document. We will be going over what you will need to do in order to have Byron create summary reports.


Gather Documents

Before you get started, you will need to gather together all the documents that you want to have summarized by your assistant. You can either provide these in the form of a word document, or share them via an online service such as Google Doc’s. As long as they are accessible by the assistant and can be opened using standard Office software, you can send them off to be summarized. If you have a large amount of documents that you need summarized, you can compress them into a .zip file as well if it is easier for you to do so.


Sending Requests

Once you have gathered together all the documents that you would like summarized, you will then need to create the instructions to send off in your request. Make sure that you include the names of the documents that you want summarized as well as what information you would like them to focus on when reading and compressing the information. You may want them to focus on a certain section or keep an eye out for specific information, so please make sure you specify this in your request. You will also need to include the format that you wish these summaries to be delivered back in. This will normally be in the form of a word document but if you have any special requests, please be sure to include this.


Reviewing Final Report

Once you have sent off your request and have received the summaries back from your assistant, please be sure to review them before concluding with your request. When summarizing large documents, sometimes you may find that you may want some more information on something that your assistant summarized, so please be sure you are happy with their results before concluding with the request.


Getting Started With Byron

Having Byron summarize your reports is a great way for you to save time throughout your working hours. We can take long and extensive reports that your company or external resources have provided and create a short summary including all the information that you wanted out of those original documents. This can save you countless hours in your week that you normally would spend simply reading these documents and combing for the information that is most relevant to you. We can handle any amount of documents that you need summarized, so do not hesitate to reach out to us about your specific needs.

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