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Handle Your Google Analytics With A Virtual Assistant



Google Analytics is a tool that nearly every type of business can benefit greatly from. Information is a valuable asset, so knowing the amount and type of traffic coming into your websites is an important statistic to be aware of. With the assistance of Byron, we can help you keep track of all the information that you want through Google Analytics so that you do not have to dedicate the time towards keeping track of all the information this service can offer. By utilizing a virtual assistant, you can stay on top of all the activity and traffic that is going on with your websites without having to put aside time to fully analyze this data. Byron can track everything that is important to you while also assembling documents that summarize what has been going on with your websites. We will be covering the steps that you need to take in order to get yourself set up with an assistant.


Set a Goal

When you first get started with Google Analytics, you want to set a clear objective as to what you want to know about the traffic coming into your websites. It is important to adjust information or presentation accordingly depending on the age/demographic/locations of who is primarily visiting or using your website. Before you make a request or prepare instructions on what you would like your virtual assistant to monitor, be sure that you have a clear goal in mind as to what you would like to learn from this information. Google Analytics can gather a lot of information that may not be relevant to your business plan, so you will get the best results if you set a game plan for yourself going forward.


Preparing Instructions

Once you establish what you would like to accomplish through the use of Google Analytics, you will then need to prepare instructions for your virtual assistant to follow in order to get the job done. It’s important to establish upfront the purpose as to why you are asking them to do what they will be doing so that they have an understanding of what your primary goal is with using Google Analytics. This is to ensure that there are no misunderstandings when they are working on their task and that they know what you want out of their reports.


In your instructions, you will also need to include all relevant login credentials to the accounts that your virtual assistant will need access in order to accomplish this task. We recommend that you use a service such as Dashlane or Passback in order to ensure a layer of security when sharing sensitive information online. Along with this, you will want to clearly lay out what type of information you want to be monitored and how you would like this information to be presented back to you. Our assistants can assemble charts and write up activity summaries based on your needs, as well as put this information into any type of format that you need so make sure that you specify your preferences in your request.


Setting A Schedule

It takes time for Google Analytics to build up enough information to warrant looking into trends, so it is important for you to set a timeframe for when you would like your virtual assistant to assemble and put together information to send off to you. Depending on the scale of the site and the time of the year, this can vary widely depending on what your needs are as a business, but make sure to come up with a set schedule for when you would like your assistant to check on your analytics. To assist with this process, we recommend setting up a recurring event on your calendar that you share with your assistant in order for both of you to keep track of this timetable. Whether you would like weekly or monthly reports on the traffic of your websites, make sure that you clearly lay out a schedule before going forward.


Getting Started With Byron

By utilizing Google Analytics alongside the assistance of Byron, you can gain extremely valuable insight on who is visiting your websites. With this information, you can focus on new potential markets and grow your business knowing who is viewing your content and how they are viewing it. Byron can make gathering and analyzing this information as simple as reading over a document. We can do all the work of gathering charts and summarizing content for you so that you do not have to set aside time in your schedule to do this legwork yourself. We can handle any time of Analytics project that you need assistance with, so do not hesitate to reach out to us about your plans for the future.

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