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Utilizing a Virtual Assistant to for Guest Blogging Reachout



For many businesses, it is important to have an ongoing marketing strategy when planning for the future. A great way to promote a new launch of a product or generate some buzz for your business is to write blog posts and create content on a routine basis to remind potential clients of your presence in the market. One way to reach out to a wider audience is to have your blog posts be written and promoted by other bloggers so that their audience can be connected with yours. Reaching out to other bloggers about having a guest spot on their own blog can be a challenge however, as it takes time to find blogs that would be relevant towards your business as well as have them be willing to work with you on doing a collaboration. With the help of Byron, we can find blogs that would fit for you to have a guest appearance on as well as reach out to them on your behalf so that the only thing you need to worry about is writing. You will need to do some prep work before sending off your request for this; we will be covering what you will need to do before getting started.


Gathering Blog Examples

When you are first getting started, you will want to do some light research on your own by finding a handful of blogs to use as an example for your assistant to base their research on when they get started. You will want to find blogs that are both relevant for what you are trying to accomplish as well as being open to guest appearances. Bloggers may not advertise that they are open to guest spots but a good way to tell if they are or not is to look through their posts and see if they have different authors for any of their blogs. It is important to do this so that there is little room for confusion when you send your request off, as your assistant will have a base for when they need to find other blogs. If possible, try to provide 2-3 examples to include in your request.


Creating Templates

Before sending off your request, you will want to create some loose templates for your assistant to use later on in the process when actually reaching out to these blogs. These templates do not have to be extensive as most likely your assistant will have to adapt them for each person they are reaching out too, but including a basic guideline for your assistant to follow is important for guaranteeing the best results when making an initial contact with a blogger.



Once you gather together your examples/templates and send off your request, your assistant will begin by finding and assembling a list of blogs, their authors, and their contact information. For this stage of the process, you will want to either set a predetermined amount of time for them to find blogs or set a number amount for how many blogs you want them to find. This is important as performing this type of research can be an endless task, so having a predetermined end will save both you and your assistant time when accomplishing your end goal. Once they finish compiling a list of suitable blogs, they will provide this back for you to review before moving onto the next stage of the process. Make sure that these blogs are relevant towards the type of blogs you will be writing so that you stay on brand.


Documenting Responses

Once you approve the list of blogs your assistant gathered, they will begin reaching out to these blogs about potential guest spots. You will want to provide some guidelines on how you would like your assistant to document any responses that come in. You can either provide a template for them to follow in the form of an excel or word file, or you can state in your request how you would like them to keep track of any responses that come in. However you choose to pursue this, please be sure to instruct your assistant to keep track of any positive, negative, or missing responses during this process.


Following Up

When your assistant finishes reaching out to all the blogs on the list you approved, you will want them to know how to respond to any responses that come in. You can either instruct your assistant to forward any responses to your own personal email for you to handle from there or come up with templates for the variety of different responses you expect to get from your inquiries. This is important to plan out beforehand as you will want to respond to any responses in a timely manner so that things go smoothly going forward, so preparing a response for your assistant to modify and send out accordingly will guarantee the best results for your outreach.


Getting Started With Byron

Having an appearance as a guest blogger on other blogs similar to yours is a great way to market yourself as well as create new connections that can benefit both parties. With the assistance of Byron, we can make this process quick and painless by doing all the legwork on your behalf so you only need to worry about creating content. We can save you countless amounts of hours by doing all the research and communication needed in order to get this type of project in motion. We can assist you with any type of outreach campaign you want to launch in regards to reaching out to blogs for guest appearances, so do not hesitate to reach out to us about whatever project you have in mind.

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