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For any business large or small that directly interacts with clients on a normal basis, having a help desk support assistant is a necessity in order to streamline the process of answering questions that will come up from time to time. Quite frequently, you will find the same type of questions or issues that clients have will come up on a near constant basis, and that is where having a virtual help desk support assistant can greatly benefit you in saving time and keeping your customer base happy. Having real people assist your clients with their problems go a long way with keeping them happy and maintaining that feeling of being valued by you as a company. We will be outlining the steps you will need to take in order to get a help desk support system set up with Byron and what you will need to get together when hiring your first virtual assistant help desk assistant.


Building your FAQ Database

When first getting prepped for hiring a virtual help desk assistant, you will first need to put together a spreadsheet/document containing all common questions they will most likely be asked. Even if they are the most basic answers to the most basic questions, it’s important to include any and all possible questions that could arise as it’s important to cover all bases. Keep in mind as you are creating this database that you will not be the one who is using and referring to this information when answering questions; so make sure that in whatever way you choose to organize this data, have it be easy to search through and understand so that there are no miscommunication between your assistant and a client.


Configure Your Help Desk For The Assistant

When you are preparing to set up a help desk assistant for your business, it’s important to set up the proper environment for them in order for them to do their job properly. Whether this assistant is monitoring an inbox for emails for questions or standing by in preparation for a phone call, you will want to establish what software they will be using to get the job done. However you choose to handle client feedback for your business, it’s critical to lay out exactly how your business handles this and how you would like them to work within that work paradigm by listing what software you would like them to use, how they should be using it, and further establishing the steps they should take for handling any type of inquiry that may come through the pipeline. Including screenshots, videos, and written instructions for them is also critical for success when establishing how your virtual assistants help desk should look like.


Set Hours

It’s important establish the timeframe in which you would like your help desk to be ‘open’ so that you aren’t paying your assistant to work when you know client questions can wait or are unlikely to come in. It is silly to have your assistant waiting for phone calls in the middle of the night if your business operates during the standard work day, so establishing when you would like your help desk to be live and helping clients is important when you first get started. Every business operates in their own unique way, and we at Byron understand this and provide virtual assistants that can stand by a phone for you on whatever time cycle works best for your company.


Training & Feedback Loop

When you first get started with your virtual help desk assistant, the initial process of working with them is no different than when you first hire a new employee. It will take time to train them and to bring them up to speed with all the nuances that come with joining a team and getting the hang of working within your specifications. The training process for a new assistant is important, especially for the long term as ideally you will want them around for as long as possible. Setting up the proper training and instructions for your new assistant to follow are crucial for their success, so take the time in making sure you cover all your bases so down the road you are confident in their abilities. It’s also crucial to communicate constantly about whether they are doing the job correctly or not. Positive and negative feedback go a long way, especially in the beginning when they are first learning the ropes, so make sure to clearly communicate your satisfaction with your assistant to maintain a smooth training process.


Ongoing Tips

Planning the future is something that all businesses should actively be doing, and with a help desk it’s no different. When you are first establishing your help system with your virtual assistant, it is important to think about how easily you can adjust information or add additional resources to your assistants arsenal when handling client interactions. Businesses are constantly evolving entities so your help desk should also be ready to adjust for whatever may come down the pipeline, so when prepping everything make sure that you do not close a door for yourself by making it harder to adjust your system.


Getting Started With Byron

Setting up a virtual help desk assistant is an investment of time that is well worth it in the long run. Keeping your clients informed and well handled is critical for success in the world of business, and there is no better and cost effective way of doing so than through a Byron virtual assistant. Remember that your best chance at success comes when you take the proper steps, and for setting up your virtual help desk make sure that you


  • Prepare a extensive FAQ document for your assistant to refer too

  • Introduce your assistant to all the software they will be using

  • Set up the proper training for them to handle the job in the manner you want them too

  • Provide constant feedback to properly communicate your satisfaction with their performance.


Following these steps will guarantee that you will achieve success when creating a help desk for your business. It’s important to remember that we here at Byron can accommodate anything that you need an assistant to do, and we are only limited by your imagination. Make sure to contact us about any questions you may have about setting up a help desk for your business and we will be sure to help you out with this process.

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