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Utilizing a Virtual Assistant to Maintain an Editorial Calendar 



When you are running any type of marketing strategy, there are many aspects that go into the process of preparing and creating the content that you put out in order to attract clients and customers. Utilizing social media and creating a constant presence online is important to keep your brand in the minds of those you want to win over, so creating and maintaining an editorial calendar for when you need to create these posts is critical. There are many cogs that make up the machine of running an effective campaign, so staying organized is key. With the assistance of Byron, we can help you create, maintain, and develop an editorial calendar so you can stay on track with your marketing plans going forward. This is a great way for you offload some of the work that goes into creating posts and articles as well as ensure that there is someone who is always staying on track with your efforts. There are a few steps you will need to take before getting started with your assistant, so we will be going over what you will need to organize and get together for your assistant.


Prepare Process

An editorial calendar is only as effective as the process that encompuses it. Before you get started with your request, you will need to establish a work pipeline for how you will develop ideas, draft up the content, then publish the work. This is very important since great content cannot be pulled from thin air, you need to establish a process by which you create these posts and have them ready for when you would like to go live. Also keep in mind that you will need to clearly explain and write out the process you have in mind so that your assistant can understand what you are trying to accomplish and is aware of their role in it. In your instructions, you want to convey this in the most clear way possible in order to avoid any miscommunication or confusion during the process.


Drafting Schedule

In your request, you will need to include the timetable in which you or your assistant will be drafting up the content that you will be posting later on within your schedule. Whether you are having your assistant creating these drafts or these are being created by yourself or by someone with your company; it is important to include this within your schedule so as to ensure you and your assistant are on the same page. It is also important to share a location for which your assistant can access these drafts if you are having them handle them in any way. If you have a weekly or monthly process that you would like to follow, you do not need to include upcoming months unless there are any changes that may occur for whatever reason. If a schedule repeats, make sure you specify in your instructions.


Posting Schedule

Along with your drafting schedule, you should also include the dates and times at which you will be making this content go live. This is important information to include to enforce deadlines on when you need content to be ready no matter what. You will also want to specify what content is posting where if you are utilizing multiple platforms to maximize your outreach. As well as this information, if you plan on having your assistant make these posts on your behalf; please be sure to share any and all login information that they will need in order to make this happen.

If you choose to share login credentials with your assistant, we highly suggest that you use a service such as Dashlane to pass long this information to your assistant. This is to help ensure a layer of security when passing along any type of critical information so that there is little possibility of anything being compromised.


Getting Started With Byron

Maintaining an editorial calendar is a great way to help keep track of your marketing efforts and streamline the process of creating and posting content that will help build your brand. Utilizing social media is a great and essential way of creating a word of mouth, and an editorial calendar can make this process extremely easy. By utilizing a Byron assistant, we can help with the concept, creation, and posting process of this information so that you do not need to worry about having a steady flow of content being present online. We can assist with any type of project involving an editorial calendar, so do not hesitate to reach out to us about what we can do to help.

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