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Maintain Your Social Media Calendar With A Dedicated Virtual Assistant



In today’s marketing landscape, having a consistent and prominent social media presence is a must if you want to expand your reach online. Practically every individual and business has some sort of account on platforms such as Twitter, Wordpress, Facebook, and many other similar sites where users interact with each other through their content. That is why creating and maintaining a presence on these websites is crucial for anyone to maintain relevance in the fast paced world of online marketing. At Byron, we can greatly offload the effort needed to keep a consistent social media calendar so that your posts stay of consistent quality and content. We will be going over what you need to prepare in order to set this type of service up with one of our assistants.


Preparing Instructions

Before you have one of our assistants begin to start making posts on your behalf, you will need to put together a game plan on how and when they will handle this responsibility. Creating a large spreadsheet that you can easily share and edit when needed is how we recommend you assemble your instructions, as a social media strategy may need to be adjusted down the road due to the nature of how social media tends to change over time. It is important that you lay out what social media accounts you would like your assistant to maintain and how they can get a hold of their login credentials, how you would like your assistant to write and present posts for you to review and approve, and when you would like these approved posts to be made. Make sure that you include any and all resources needed in order for your assistant to understand what they are doing and how they will do what you need them to do. Try and lay out your instructions in a manner that anyone who is unfamiliar with your organization or online presence can understand what you are trying to accomplish.


Planning/Drafting Your Posts

Once you have instructions prepared for your assistant on how you would like them to handle your social media calendar, you will then need to prepare a list of posts you would like them to make. You can either prepare the exact posts that you want made to your accounts or you can create a list of topics that you would like your assistant to write up for you to review for later posting. Whatever path you choose to take for preparing posts, it is important to assemble them in an easy to access document for you and your assistant to utilize for when these posts need to be drafted/posted.


Securely Sharing Credentials

An important thing to keep in mind when having an assistant handle your social media accounts is how to properly and securely sharing your account details with them. Security should always be a top priority whenever you are sharing a password, so we highly recommend that you set up an account on a service such as Dashlane or Lastpass in order to maintain a layer of security over your accounts. It is always better to safe than sorry, so we highly encourage you to take this route when having Byron manage your social media calendar.


Setting Posting Timelines

Establishing a calendar for when you would like your content to go live is essential for making sure your posting schedule stays consistent. We recommend that you creating and share an online calendar that you can set recurring and standalone times in which you would like posts to be made. This also allows you to add any additional details to these events such as what platforms you would like these posts to be made on and what posts you would like to go live. Online calendars such as Google Calendar and KeepandShare are examples of services you can utilize to easy maintain a posting calendar for both you and your assistant.


Checking/Monitoring for Feedback

Once you start having posts go live you can instruct your assistant to check in on these posts to see how well they are engaging with others. When you are preparing instructions for your assistant, you can specify for them to report back or log what type of engagements you encounter on your posts. If you are posting about a new product and someone comments on that post asking for more information, you will want to know that information as soon as possible; having Byron be able to check your accounts at set times throughout the day and alert you to potential leads is a valuable asset to utilize, so we highly recommend that you prepare a daily timeframe for when you want an assistant to check in on posts and how you would like any relevant information delivered back to you.


Getting Started With Byron

Utilizing a virtual assistant to maintain your social media calendar is an amazing way for any individual or small business to streamline the process of utilizing social media. Creating posts and remembering to post them at set times daily or weekly can be a headache when you have hundreds of other more important responsibilities that you need to take care of. With the help of Byron, we can help you or your business maintain a consistent presence on any social media platform you use while guaranteeing that the quality of the content you are presenting stays consistent. We are extremely flexible when it comes to whatever type of social media project you need assistance with, so do not hesitate to reach out to us about how we can help make your campaign as streamlined as possible.

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