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Utilizing Virtual Assistant To Reply to Social Media Comments



Having a presence on social media platforms is an essential marketing strategy for any business, no matter how big or small they are. A big part of marketing online is having positive and meaningful connections with those who you connect with on your accounts. Many people's public opinions on a certain product or service are based upon what others have to say about them, so making sure that you keep comment section free of spam and unrelated posts is an ongoing task that unfortunately will never end. That is where Byron comes in, we can handle the task of monitoring and handling all unwanted comments on your social media accounts so that you do not need to worry about having negative posts tarnishing your product or service. We can keep an eye on all activity that is going on with your social media presence on any type of schedule that you need to guarantee that any unwanted comments will be handled in a quick and timely manner. We will be covering the steps that you will need to take in order to get this request set up with a virtual assistant.


Establishing Comment Standards/EtiquetteC

One of the first steps we recommend that you take before requesting Byron to monitor your social media accounts is to establish a guide on what you as a business or individual define as a ‘good’ or ‘bad’ post. Many good and bad posts will be obvious to anyone who is viewing them, but it is important to establish up front exactly the type of comments that you want to see and the type of comments that you would like to be removed. We recommend that you gather together posts that have been made previously on your accounts that you deem to be ‘good’ or ‘bad’ and define them as such when you are sending off your instructions. If you are just starting up these accounts and do not have any posts to reference for this, it is fine if you use other examples online as a substitute. As long as you convey exactly what you are looking for in a ‘good’ or ‘bad’ post, that will get the job done.


Preparing Instructions

Once you prepare a basic guide on defining the post qualities you are looking for, you will need to prepare instructions on how you would like your assistant to go about actually monitoring these accounts. You can do this in a large variety of ways as there are an endless amount of social media platforms, all with their own system for posting and engaging with other posts. For this reason we highly encourage you to prepare sections in your instructions on what exactly you would like your virtual assistant to do when monitoring your accounts. Whether it’s having them log onto your own account as specific times to check in on engagement or creating an administration account linked to your own that can handle this sort of thing without the need of being on your own specific account; you will need to clearly lay out how you want them to accomplish the given task.


If you choose to share credentials with your assistant, we highly recommend that you set up an account with a password sharing service such as Dashlane in order to establish a layer of security when sharing sensitive information. It is always better to take the proper steps to ensure security online than to skip it entirely, so we highly stress that you do this before sending off your request.


Setting a Timeline

Once you have your instructions prepared and have put together a guide on determining post quality, you will then need to decide on a timetable for your assistant to follow for when to check in and see what is going on with your accounts. Depending on the activity of your accounts and the amount of feedback you get on a normal basis, this can be either multiple times per day or only occasionally throughout the week or month. It is all dependent on what you feel is an appropriate schedule to maintain when it comes to your own accounts. Our assistants can maintain any type of schedule that you need, according to any timezone you may be in; so you do not need to worry about sticking to a standard schedule. Whatever you determine is an appropriate schedule for monitoring comments, please make sure to clearly establish this in the beginning when you are sending off your request.


Establishing a Report System

Once everything is set and you have your assistant monitoring and handling your engagement on social media, it is important for you to know what is going on when you aren’t around to see it. Our assistants at Byron can document all comments that have been dealt with and assemble a timely report for you to view so that you can oversee what is happening with your accounts online. As well as preparing reports, your assistant can also bring to your attention any comments or engagement that you may want to engage with yourself, such as a positive engagement with a potential client or a useful piece of information commented onto a post. If you would like your assistant to perform these type of tasks alongside their monitoring, you will need to include this information in your initial instructions so that there is no miscommunication once they begin the task. If you are requiring them to document the posts that they are removing or handling, please make sure to include a template for them to follow in order to keep things organized. If you would like your assistant to bring particular posts to your attention, you will also need to establish a protocol for how they can reach out to you and how to present the information to you.


Getting Started With Byron

Having a Byron assistant monitor and handle your social media monitoring responsibilities is a great way to free up time in your day and take the some of the stress off your shoulders when it comes to having your business online. Social Media can help your business gain a large amount of traffic as well as positive engagement with your customers, so it is important to maintain a consistent quality among what potential/current clients see when they view your accounts. We can handle any type of monitoring project that you need done, so do not hesitate to reach out to us about what your particular needs are.

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