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Never Wait On Hold Again With On Demand Phone Calls



Making general phone calls are a major time sink that can eat up precious hours and minutes throughout your day. Calling to make haircut appointments and doctor visits can be a pain when you have real work to do, that is why Byron is here to help you with handling these type of general phone calls so you can focus on what is important. With one simple request, a virtual assistant can assist you with whatever type of phone calls you need to make so that you do not need to deal with the process. We will be covering what you need to do in order to offload this task onto a virtual assistant.


How To Structure Your Request

When you want an assistant to make a phone call on your behalf, you will need to structure your short term request in a way that properly conveys what you need them to do and how you would like them to deliver back whatever information they get back. You will also need to provide any and all relevant information for the call, such as a phone number and any information they will need to provide when calling on your behalf. Make sure that this information is laid out clearly in your message and that there is as little room for misunderstanding as possible, so breaking up important information into its own paragraph is a good way to properly separate your initial message from the rest. Here is an example of how you can structure your requests for phone calls.

Information about what the phone call is for:


  • Phone Number:

  • Additional Information:

  • How you would like information presented back:


If you follow this type of format for your requests, it will leave little room for confusion on the part of your assistant so that this request can be handled as quickly as possible.


Task Ideas

Byron assistants can handle virtually any type of phone call request needed so as you provide all the information they will need in order to complete it. There are many situations in which having Byron handle your phone calls can save you precious hours in your day, as well as save you the trouble of having to deal with making these phone calls yourself. Here are a few examples of the type of phone calls you may want your assistant to handle.


  • Scheduling meetings/appointments

  • Rescheduling meetings/appointments

  • Making restaurant/business reservations

  • Calling utility companies

  • Calling vendors/companies for price quotes

  • Calling back on business reach out calls


These are only a handful of the possible situations where having a virtual assistant make phone calls on your behalf can be an efficient way for you to save time. Byron can accommodate virtually any time of phone call request that you need to get done, so do not hesitate to reach out about what you need done.


How We Will Deliver Information Back

When a Byron assistant makes a phone call on your behalf, we require them to present back to you any information that they acquired during the phone call. As an example, if you request Byron to make a reservation for you at a restaurant, they will send back.


  • Name of the restaurant

  • Date of Reservation

  • Time of Reservation

  • Size of Your Party

  • Address of the restaurant


For any time of phone call a Byron assistant makes on your behalf, they will always present information back to you in this type of format. Whether they are making a reservation, getting a quote, or rescheduling a meeting; they will reiterate any and all information that they acquired during the call in this manner. If you would like them to deliver information back to you in any other type of format, such as in a word document or spreadsheet; be sure to specify such in your initial instructions when sending a request.


Getting Started With Byron

Outsourcing your general phone call needs to Byron is an easy and simple way to save you time throughout your day. Our world revolves around making and receiving phone calls, allowing Byron to make general phone calls on your behalf can streamline your workflow and allow you to focus on what is important to you without the need to slow down. We can handle essentially any type of phone call request that you need, so don’t hesitate to reach out to us about what your needs are.

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