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Planning and organizing a trip for multiple people for the purpose of business or team building is not an easy ordeal. There are a lot of preparations that you must take in order for everything to go smoothly; as well as a lot of time needed to put towards making phone calls and figuring out what you need to do at every step. That is were Byron comes in, we can handle the headaches that come with planning a trip so that the only aspect of planning that you have to deal with is deciding on the destination and events that you will be participating in while you are there. We can handle the research, phone calls, tickets, and travel arrangements for you so that you and your team can focus on your business. We will be outlining how to use our services to make this possible.


Utilizing Short-Term Projects

The process of planning a business trip for your team can be a long process as you slowly gather all the information you need related to the trip. With all the small scale tasks that go into making these arrangements, that is why we recommend that you send over these bits using our short-term project system so that we can handle whatever aspect you need done regarding your trip in a quick and timely manner. Within 20 minutes of making a request, one of our assistants will get back to you and get started on it in a timely manner and have it back to you within the timeframe that you need. This allows you to get any aspect of your planning done in a timely manner, as well as allow you to get answers or resources related to your trip into your inbox when you need it. Whatever it is that you need done in regards to your business, we recommend that you take each step by sending in a short term project request.


Types Of Travel Research

When it comes to figuring out the logistics of how you will get from point A to point B when traveling to a new location, either alone or with your team; Byron can assist you with figuring out the most fast and reliable method of transportation. Through a short term request and provided that you have the exact addresses of where you are going and where you are coming from, an assistant can research what car, bus, or train transportation services are available in both locations and provide you with the estimated costs and time tables needed for you to get where you or your team needs. They can also go further and make any necessary reservations or ticket purchases, making the process even more streamlined.


Our Process Of Delivering Back Research

When making reservations and gathering research for your trip, there will be a lot of information that will accumulate over time. Byron can assist with organizing research and purchases by assembling a document to your specifications with all relevant information, costs, and receipts. It’s important to keep an ongoing tally of everything that goes into planning a trip that can be accessed easily by all people involved, so consider creating and sharing a spreadsheet or word processing document with every short term project you send out with instructions on how to update it for organizational purposes. As an example, our assistants at Byron will deliver back information about hotels and flights in the following formats.


For flights, they will organize all relevant information as follows.


  • Fight Number:

  • Departing From: Name of Airport (City)

  • Departing Time:

  • Arriving at: Name of Airport (City)

  • Arrival Time:

  • Price:


For hotels, they will organize all relevant information as follows.


  • Hotel Name:

  • Hotel Address:

  • Check-in Date:

  • Check-out Date:

  • Price:


In short term requests for gathering and making reservations on behalf of you or your organization, we would suggest instructing them to plug this information into a spreadsheet or word processing document of your creation so that there is never a worry about losing track of anything important.


Getting Started With Byron

Planning trips for business or personal purposes can be a long and stress inducing task that no one wants to handle all by themselves. We at Byron can handle all the small details so that you and your team can focus on the bigger picture of taking this trip to begin with. Whether you need to do research on the location you are going too or need reservations and plans made for the logistics of travel, we can take this process off your hands so that you or a member of your team don’t have to waste valuable time. Always keep in mind that we are extremely flexible when it comes to handling the logistics of planning a trip, so do not hesitate to reach out about whatever it is that you need figured out.

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