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When performing research and general data gathering, it can be a challenge to gather large amounts addresses when your time is better spent focusing on other aspects of your project. Finding this type of contact information can suck up a lot of time and quite often you do not have the time to spare when working on a deadline. This is where Byron Structured tasks come in, we can automate the process of finding these addresses in a way that scales with your business and can be integrated into thousands of tools and services that you are currently using on a daily basis. In a few simple steps, you can establish what information you need when you submit a task and using the power of real assistants, this information can be gathered and pushed anywhere that you need it to go. Here is how you can get started integrating Byron into your workflow.

What Are Structured Tasks?

With Byron’s structured task feature, you can automate almost any type of busy work that requires a human. The feature is designed so that you build out an automated process once then can trigger Byron to do the work at any point in time. Watch the video on how it works.


Step 1: Setup Assistant Instructions


Please get me the address for 


Please get me the address for Netflix.

Step 2: Setup Response Fields You Want Back From Byron

Add fields and description on how you want your task completed. Below is an example of how you would set up the fields and instructions.



Please list the street address.

Please list the city.

Please list the state.

Please list the zip code.

Please list the country.

Step 3: Add Data/Tasks

There are two ways that you can send new data/tasks to your Structured Project. You can either upload a CSV file of your variables that you set in Step 1, or you can fire off tasks via Zapier. Below are some popular Zapier integrations that align with this blueprint example.

When a new user is added to Salesforce send the contact to Byron Gather API.

When a new company is added, have Byron find their address.

New row added in Google Sheets send to Byron Gather API

Through Zapier, you can hook up over 1000+ integrations. Need help with setting things up? Chat with our specialist team to help you set up a custom integration.

Output From Byron

If you follow the template above Byron would provide a sample output like:

2025 Hamilton Avenue

San Jose



United States

Getting Started With Byron

How to get started...


Create a Byron account


Create a Structured Project with the instructions and snippets above


Send data to Byron via Zapier of by uploading a CSV of data


Integrate Byron's responses to over 1000 tools via Zapier


Eliminate your busy work


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