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Using a Virtual Assistant to Perform Topic Research



Performing general research on topics you are unfamiliar with can be a time consuming and possibly confusing process. You may have a simple question that needs an answer but the process of finding it can take hours depending on the complexity. With the help of Byron, you can get the answers and knowledge that you need without having to dedicate hours of your day towards digging for the information that you need to know. Our virtual assistants can do the legwork for finding all the resources and information that you need and deliver their results back to you in an easy to understand format. We will be covering the steps that you will need to take before sending in a request for research.


Prepare Instructions

Before you can send off a request for Byron to perform research on your behalf, you will need to prepare some basic instructions for them to follow so they have a generally idea on what you are hoping to receive back after they start searching. You will want to make it clear what your intentions are the type of questions that you want answered. Providing any resources you may have to help them out is encouraged but it is not necessary since you may not know anything prior to sending off your request. You will get the best results from your virtual assistant if you make it clear about what you want to know and how you would like their results presented back to you.


Set Time Limit

Performing research can be an endless journey depending on the type and scale of the request. It’s important to state up front how much time you would like your assistant to spend performing research and when you would like them to send back what they find. You can set a time limit when you make your request but depending on the type of research you may want them to perform research for an amount of time less than what the set time and present it back to you to for review. You may want to go this route so that you can see what your assistant has found and provide further guidance if necessary. To avoid any miscommunication, make sure that you specify how much time you would like them to spend performing research in your instructions.


Set Format of Research Notes

When your assistant is gathering information on your behalf, you will want to specify in your instructions how you would like your assistant to return back their findings. It can vary depending on the type of research they are performing, but make sure to specify if you need things such as links, sources, or summaries of findings/reports that they come across. If you need these findings organized in a spreadsheet or document, please make sure to include that in your instructions as well.


Review Returned Results

When your assistant sends back their findings after the allocated time frame, make sure that you review it and make sure that it is the type of information you were looking for. It is important to follow this step before completing your request because you want to make sure that they followed your instructions and returned back what you need. It’s always possible for you to request more time if you need them to look further into your request.


Getting Started With Byron

Having a virtual assistant perform research on your behalf is a great way for you to get the information you need without having to spend countless hours searching for it yourself. It can be a very time consuming process that our assistants excel at, so offloading this type of work onto us can allow you to focus on the things that need your attention. As long as you provide the proper instructions, we can assist you with any type of research you need done and return back to you this information in any format that you need.

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