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Utilizing a Virtual Assistant for Routine Client Follow-Up's



When you are interacting with dozens of clients a day, it can be a challenge to maintain a steady line of communication with all of them. Turning leads into new customers is always going to be the main drive of a business, but it is important to maintain a relationship with those clients that make up the foundation of your business. With the help of Byron, we can streamline the process of routinely checking in with these existing customers and clients so that you do not need to worry about losing track with them. We can reach out to clients on a predetermined basis and check in to see how well they are fairing with your product/service and see if there is any questions they might have. By doing this, we can help you maintain your customer satisfaction while also increasing the likelihood of retaining their involvement with your business. Our assistants can perform all the work required to perform this ongoing task, but before sending off your request to make this happen; you will need to prepare a few things. We will be going over what you will need to do in order to get started.


Establishing Check In Schedule

When you are preparing your request, you will need to establish a general schedule for your assistant to follow when reaching out to clients. This could be a reoccurring date every week or month but you will need to specify when you would like your assistant to begin reaching out to clients. You do not need to provide exact dates past the first date in your initial request, but if you plan on having this be a reoccurring event, we recommend that you prepare a calendar event that you share with your assistant so that you both are on the same page going forward.


Providing Contacts

In order for your assistant to perform routine follow ups with clients, they will need to be able to contact them. In your request, you will need to provide the names of these clients, a way for them to contact these clients (phone number, email, etc), and any relevant information they may need when reaching out to these clients. You may also want to provide an email address to them under your business or professional domain to avoid any confusion when they reach out to clients. It is important to maintain a professional appearance when having an assistant reach out to clients, so we suggest you do this if it is possible.


Preparing Templates

When having an assistant reach out to clients on your behalf, we suggest that you prepare a handful of templates for them to use when reaching out to them. If you are having your assistant send emails, be sure to prepare templates that contain everything you want to reach out to them about. If you are contacting them about arranging a phone call, filling out a survey, or inquiring if they have any questions; you will want to have templates prepared for all of these types of situations. This step applies to both having an assistant send out an email or make a phone call, make sure you either have a written template or a call script available for your assistant to utilize.


Getting Started With Byron

Routinely following up with your clients is a great way to build and maintain your relationship with the people who make your business what it is today. With the help of Byron, we can streamline this process for you so that you never need to worry about losing touch with your existing client base, allowing you to focus on what you need to for your business. We can handle any type of routine follow up request you may have for your business, so do not hesitate to reach out to us about how we can help you.

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