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In the world of business, emails are being sent and received on almost a constant basis. It can be a challenge to constantly stay up to date on what is and is not important in your inbox. This task also gets exponentially harder to maintain when you have multiple email addresses that you need to keep an eye on. With the help of Byron, we can keep a constant watch on as many email inboxes as you need so that you can focus on what you need to do without the worry that you are missing a potentially important email. Whether you are running a mass email campaign or you just need an extra set of eyes on a busy inbox, we can sift through the clutter and let you know what is important or not. We will be going over what you will need to do in order to have Byron assist you with monitoring and prioritizing your email inboxes.


Sharing Credentials

Before sending in a request to have Byron monitor any inbox, you will need to set up a secure way for you to share the credentials to those accounts with our assistants. For security reasons, we highly recommend that you set up an account with a service such as Dashlane or Commonkey in order to guarantee a layer of security for your accounts. Whether you want us to monitor throwaway accounts that are being used for a mass outreach campaign or your own personal address that you use daily, it is important to prioritize security to minimize any issues that could potential arise with sharing credentials between anyone.


Create List Of What Emails Are Priority

Emails come in a wide variety of different forms, so it is important to clarify exactly what order certain types of emails should be prioritized over others. For a mass outreach campaign for example, you would want to prioritize positive responses to them over rejection responses since those will be the ones that you will want to pursue and follow up upon over the negative ones. It is important to rank each type of email in the order that you would normally handle a cluttered inbox. There are emails that you will want to respond upon as soon as possible while others do not require immediate attention, so make sure that you clarify exactly how you would like your assistant to prioritize each incoming message. Also you will want to provide examples to leave as little room for confusion as possible when an assistant is monitoring for emails that match what prioritization ranking you want them to be classified as.


Come Up With A Coding System

When having an assistant monitor inboxes for you, it’s important to come up with a coding system so that it is clear what emails are the most important, and which emails can be ignored or deleted. Thankfully, most major Email clients have built in systems so that you can choose to have your emails organized in a wide variety of different manners that work best for your needs. For example, you can establish with your assistant where they can...


  • Star (or mark as important) top priority emails

  • Mark lower priority emails as previously read emails

  • Move lower priority emails to another folder (labeled in relation to its purpose)

  • Delete/unsubscribe the lowest priority mail


This would be a simple and effective way to remove the clutter of an inbox and allow you to easily glance at an inbox at any given time and know what is going on at a glance. Depending on your circumstance, this type of system may not work for your needs so it is important to think about your own system of coding that will work for you.


Create Schedule Checks

When requesting Byron to monitor any inbox on your behalf, you will need to establish a timetable as to when you want your assistant to check in on the mailbox and perform whatever maintenance or monitoring that you need. Not all inboxes will need to be checked every hour of the day, so make sure that you specify whether you need an inbox checked and monitored every hour of every day, or simply just checked once a day if it’s a less busy address. Byron can accommodate any timetable you need, so keep this in mind when you are sending your request.


Getting Started With Byron

Utilizing Byron to prioritize and monitor email inboxes on your behalf is a great way to save time throughout your day and remove the headache of sifting through a cluttered list of messages that may or may not be important. Whether you are utilizing emails for personal or business use, we can lend a helping hand in highlighting the important ones and setting aside the junk mail. For any type of situation where you need an inbox monitored and organized, Byron can accommodate; so do not hesitate to reach out to us about whatever your needs may be.

How to get started...


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