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Utilizing a Virtual Assistant to Write Detailed Product Descriptions



Launching a new product is always an exciting time for a company but the process of bringing something new to the market necessitates a lot of work in many areas. Sometimes you cannot just convey your product with stats or pictures when trying to sell it to potential customers, you need a description that informs the reader of what this product is and why it is worth the purchase. That is where Byron comes in, we can assist you with writing detailed and informative descriptions of a product that you are selling so that you or your coworkers do not have to dedicate the time towards doing this yourself. When you have hundreds of other aspects of a product launch to worry about, this is something that is well worth the cost of outsourcing. We will be covering what you will have to do in order to have Byron take this task off your hand.


Gathering Information

When preparing to send off your request, you will need to get together all the relevant information necessary about the product in question so that your assistant has an idea on what they are writing about. They cannot write a great product description without being familiar with what you are trying to sell, so make sure that you include specific information such as the name, specifications, and variants of the product. You will also want to include pricing if possible so that your assistant can include this in the description if relevant. These same principles apply if the product you are selling is a service that isn’t physical or a piece of software; it is critical that you provide everything necessary about the product in order to guarantee the best result.


Providing Resources

In your request, we highly advise that you provide any and all resources that might be relevant for your assistant to utilize when writing a product description. Sources such as example product descriptions, multiple photos of the product, and detailed specifications are all great things to include in your request as this will help guide your assistant along the right path towards writing a great product description. We recommend that you at minimum provide example product descriptions as a guideline for your assistant, as they can come in a wide variety of different styles depending on the product. This will help to ensure that there is as little confusion as possible when your assistant is getting the task done, so doing a quick google search of similar products and providing that will help the process tremendously


Designating Length and Detail

Before sending off your request, you will also want to specify the length you want this product description to be as well as any details that you absolutely need included in the piece. Depending on how you are going about selling your product, the amount of words in a product description may be limited if you are using a sales platform that utilizes thumbnails or tiles to convey the product. It is important that you specify from the beginning if there is a limit or not on your product page so that there is no need to trim or extended a finished description later down the road. As well as specifying length, make sure that you include any important details that are critical to include in the product description. You wouldn’t want a unique or game changing detail about your product or service to be left out in the description, so make sure you specify what exact details you want to be included.


Getting Started With Byron

Product descriptions are extremely critical when it comes to a new product launch and the extended lifespan of that product in the market. Having a great description of your product can make or break sales when people are on the fence. Outsourcing this task to Byron guarantees that you will have a great product description without needing to dedicate the time of you or a coworker towards this time consuming task. We can handle the process of writing any amount of product descriptions that you need, so do not hesitate to reach out to us about what your specific needs are.

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