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How To Build Weekly Email Newsletters with Virtual Assistants?



With everyone checking their email on a routine basis, sending out a newsletter containing all your content and updates from the previous week is a great way to connect with your audience and remind them of news that they may have missed. They allow you to easily connect with those who want to follow what your business is up too while also informing them of what you have been up too throughout the week. It can be a hassle to put these together yourself while you are focusing on making the content that is going into these newsletters, so with the help of Byron we can assemble and send out these newsletters on your behalf so that you can focus on doing what you do best. We will be covering the steps you will need to take in order set up the process of having Byron create and send out a newsletter on your behalf.


Have a Content Generation System

A good newsletter needs to have some sort of content attached to it in order to keep people subscribed as well as engaged with what you are sending out. We suggest that you have 3-8 pieces of content ready that you would like attached to this newsletter. This content can be anything that you feel would fit in with what you are trying to accomplish with this newsletter, whether it is blog posts or information that you publish on your own. You can also utilize Byron for this step of the process by requesting an assistant write blog posts on your behalf, which is a path we suggest that you take if you feel that you do not have enough content to fill your newsletter. However you choose to assemble this content, make sure that it is prepared and planned in advance before you plan on having your assistant prepare their newsletter for the week.


Create Email Newsletter Templates

Once you decide that you want to have a weekly newsletter sent out, you will need to come up with a general template for how you would like it to look. Remember that this newsletter is going to be sent as an email, so try to keep the format simple and straightforward as this will be viewed in a wide variety of different devices. You do not want to prepare a template that is too flashy and won’t load properly on a phone for instance. Luckily, there are plenty of services and websites out there such as MailChimp that offer great pre-made templates for you to use and adjust as you wish, so you do not need to start from scratch when preparing this template. Make sure you plan accordingly when prepping a template, as you may want to change up formats in the future depending on the type of content you may end up using. Having multiple templates just in case is recommended if you feel that you need to cover all bases.


Have A Central Marketing Email List

In order to have a newsletter sent out, you will need to come up with a list of recipients who you would like to have it sent too. There are a wide variety of ways to come up with such a list, so how you choose to do this is up to you depending on your type of business and what type of market you would like to receive this newsletter. What is important however, is making sure that you have a list of emails ready when you make your request to Byron for building and sending out a newsletter; so make sure that you have this part of the process sorted out beforehand.


Getting Started With Byron

Newsletters are a great way for you to reach out to a large amount of people on a routine basis who may want to keep up with what your business is up too. They can condense a weeks worth of information into a simple email that can inform people of things that they may have missed, so they are a useful tool for any business to utilize. With the help of Byron, we can make this process of assembling and publishing a weekly email as simple as possible by having one of our dedicated assistants handle all the steps needed in order to make this happen. We can accommodate any type of request that you need done in regards to sending out a newsletter, so don’t hesitate to reach out to us about what your needs may be.

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