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Using Remote Virtual Assistants To Scale Up Your Blog Writing



Communication and outreach on the internet can be a challenging medium to tackle when running a business. There are millions of people out there searching for solutions to problems they have through search engines and social media, and getting the word out about a product or solution you are selling through these utilities should be a top priority for any organization whose primary goal is go grow and expand. That is where content marketing comes into the picture, with the assistance of Byron we can open up a whole new market to your business that otherwise would be a large challenge to connect with. Through the process of blogging, you can increase your search engine optimization (SEO) in search engine results as well as build up an online presence that will increase your overall visibility online that could potentially lead to new clients and opportunities that otherwise wouldn’t be possible. In this document we will be going over how to effectively utilize our services to cheaply and efficiently build up your brand.


Before reading through these steps, it is also worth pointing out that we here at Byron recommend using a single virtual assistant for a long term project when planning and organizing your blog writing efforts. It is important to keep the voice of your blogs consistent and working with a single person over a long period of time is a great way to ensure the person writing your blogs knows what your business is trying to accomplish and is familiar with you. Building a working relationship with a single one of our assistants is an important aspect of achieving success with this sort of effort. 



Before you have your assistant write your first blog, it’s important to create a game plan in order to properly organize what topics you want to cover over what time period. Finding the right topics you want written about that are related towards your business are important to keep blogs relevant and primarily focus on driving traffic to your main product. Organizing these topics into a format that both you and your assistant can easily view is something that you will want to get setup right from the get go. Services such as Trello are great at condensing blogs into single cards that can be commented upon and organized into categories for ease of keeping track of everything. Below is an example of how you can organize your Trello board.

Trello Layout.png


When hiring anyone to do writing on your behalf, it’s important to show them how you would like their writing to be done. It’s very difficult to convey a voice properly, so assembling a portfolio of examples of your writing or the writing done by your company to pass along to them to study is important to show them your style of writing so they can learn to replicate it. Readers can get a sense of different styles of writing, so properly preparing your assistant to replicate your style is important for keeping consistency throughout your blog.


If necessary for the type of blogs you want written, you will want to include websites or sources for assistants to locate relevant photos, videos, or statistics to include to accompany a piece of writing. Consistent sources are important as they go hand in hand with keeping a consistent voice; things such as thumbnails or the design aesthetics of a header picture allow you to build a recognizable brand among your various blog posts.


Blog Outline

When you have all a blog topic laid out that you want written, having your assistant write up and send an outline of how the post will be written is important for maintaining the idea behind what you want written. Establishing what each section of a blog post will cover and how they will tie everything together is crucial to set up from the beginning so that both you and the assistant are on the same page before they begin spending the time fleshing out the concept. Being just an outline; it does not have to be comprehensive since it’s more so just a guideline, but clearly laying out what you want covered is a very important step to follow in order to further guarantee that the end result is a blog post that fits what you are imagining.


1st Draft

Once you have the outline in the hands of your assistant, it’s time to start the process of allowing them to come up with a draft and start crafting the blog post itself. It’s important to keep in mind that this will take time as depending on the scale of the piece it may take some time to get something that can be considered a first draft. Establishing a time table for these blog posts to be written is a good way to set expectations as well as establish a rhythm and schedule to when you need these blog posts in your hand and ready to go out.



Once your assistant has a draft ready for review it is important to read it over and make sure that it matches the outline that you have provided to them prior to them writing it. Make sure you are thorough with reading it over and keeping an eye out for grammatical and spelling mistakes. It is also important to make notes about any issues you come across so you can forward them to your assistant so they can correct them. As stated above, Trello is an example of a wonderful resource where you can leave notes and corrections directly on the project itself so that they are clear and visible to both you and the assistant for future reference.



Once your notes and corrections are known by the assistant for correction, it’s time to finalize the blog post and make sure everything is in order. Make sure to read it over again when they send it back and that it matches what you originally outlined. Keep in mind that once you put it online, it should be the absolute final draft of this post and that you may not be able to edit it depending on the platform you are posting too, so make sure that it meets every criteria you need it too.



When everything meets your criteria and it’s good to go, give your assistant the go-ahead to post it to the blogging platform that you specified. Also keep in mind that depending on your strategy, it may be smart to utilize multiple blogging platforms to maximize outreach. If you have a dedicated section of your website for blogging, it goes without saying that it should be posted there; but if you have another blogging platform established such as a Tumblr or Wordpress, make sure to specify where and when for your assistant to post it.


Getting Started With Byron

Content Marketing through blogging is a valuable resource all companies should be taking advantage of for outreach. It connects you with clients as well as building up your online presence so that your SEO ranking can slowly start to build up as your posts begin to accumulate. Reaching out to new and potential clients through the process of blogging is an easy and cost effective way of getting the name of your business out there, so with the help of Byron we can make this effort extremely easy and beneficial to you.

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