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How to Use a Virtual Assistant for Scheduling Meetings



Our calendars have plenty going on and often can be very disorganized and not updated. If this is a problem you have, you might want to consider hiring a virtual assistant to schedule meetings and keep your work and personal life organized.


Scheduling appointments can be time-consuming if you’re running a business and needing to meet with clients or sit in meetings, and this tedious task can take hours from your week. To reduce your time spent scheduling meetings, a virtual assistant can do the job efficiently for you.


A virtual assistant scheduling your meetings can save you time and won’t cost you the same as hiring a full-time assistant. With the assistance of Byron, we can help you get your meetings scheduled in no time so that you can put your time and energy into what’s essential for your business.


We will be going over the duties Byron virtual assistants can assist you with when scheduling meetings and what information you need to provide a streamlined workflow.


Assemble a List of Appointments

The first step for you is to compile a list of appointments your virtual scheduling assistant will need. These can include checking your email inbox or updating your to-do list. By making use of Byron’s assistants, we will then determine how much time will need to get scheduled for each item on your list. We will take travel time into account, meetings that can take longer, and breaks for you to recharge between appointments. Our highly skilled assistants will also ensure to never double book or overwhelm your schedule.


Communicate with Attendees

There’s nothing more frustrating than finding a suitable time for everyone to be available for a meeting, and with miscommunication, rescheduling of meetings will occur. Save yourself the headache of back and forth communication by getting your calling assistant to arrange appointments that suit both you and the attendees via phone calls, email, or scheduling tools. Because most meetings are currently taking place on video conference calls such as Zoom or Skype, your virtual assistant will ensure all attendees know the various time zones when the meeting is to occur. Using a Byron virtual assistant, you can expect all attendees to have all the details they need, such as meeting links, passwords, dial-in numbers, access codes, etc.


Other Scheduling Tasks

At Byron, our virtual assistants get trained to manage your calendar beyond setting appointments. Tasks can include ensuring you are prioritizing your time first with high-priority tasks or making travel bookings. Automated reminders can get set up for important events or personal tasks for you to attend to at the designated time. They can also communicate on your behalf, such as sending confirmation emails, setting automated confirmation for others to book appointments with you in your available slots, or gathering RSVPs for organized events.

Ensure you give us a set procedure you like to work with, so our assistants can schedule according to your preferences. By using Byron’s assistants, we will learn your processes quickly and free your days to allow you to concentrate on your work and not waste valuable time.


Appointment Scheduling Tools

When a trusty Byron virtual assistant schedules appointments for you, the last requirement is needing a calendar to keep track of your time. Your calendar will get updated with events, work deadlines, personal commitments, and whatever you need time scheduled for.

Using an appointment scheduling tool will make this process more streamlined. Some calendars you should consider using are Google Calendar, Calendly, or HubSpot Meetings. Appointment scheduling tools let you create different categories, improve service quality, and integrates with your email accounts and cellphones.


Getting Started With Byron

Scheduling appointments, events, and personal activities can be a tedious and time-consuming process, but with the help of Byron, we can save you countless hours. Our virtual assistants will keep your days organized and ahead of schedule. So long as you provide us with proper instructions to get the job done seamlessly, we can quickly and efficiently accomplish the tasks at hand. If you need additional services, such as an assistant for Quickbooks, we can add these extras for your virtual assistant to attend to. Please don’t hesitate to contact us if you need more information regarding our virtual assistant scheduling services.

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