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Typical research requests

Gather quotes from vendors

Scout talent for open positions

Find contact information

Fact checking

Find reviews on products or services

Industry statistic research

Competitor research

Pull articles about a topic

How we vet our research assistants

Each assistant must have at least three (3) years of experience as a research assistant

The assistant must live in the United States

Assistant references must provide glowing reviews for the assistant's research capabilities 

Must pass a video interview with a member of our recruitment team

Easily outsource and manage your research work using our platform

Dedicated long-term research assistants

Hire a dedicated assistant to keep things consistent

On demand research assistants

Just need an assistant to do some quick one off research? Get a research assistant ready to work for you within hours.

Easily control your spend

Within our platform we ask you to quote your own projects so that you're never caught by surprise.

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